Purple Crayon Pictures


A selection of sample scripts.


What happens when the Maid of Honor and Best Man meet at the wedding and hate each other nothing more than screw ball comedy. Romantic/Comedy- Feature

Everything After

A group of street kids loyalty to each other is tested after they find a case of money.

Thriller- Feature

Road to Nowhere

What happens when a young filmmaker trying to make his cinematic opus enters the war zone between a small cult of Alien worshipers and a Motorcycle club? The outcome is a Woody Allen film meets Tarantino.

Dark Comedy/Action- Feature

Stuck in Neutral

Someone wants to murder Shawn McDaniel, a vibrant, handsome 16-year-old and our narrator. On closer examination, we discover there are two versions of Shawn, one our lively narrator and the other a version trapped in a body with severe cerebral palsy. As both Shawns examine the effects of his disease on him and his family, deeper truths are revealed until finally, the film’s refrain, “nothing is ever quite like it seems,” finds its most authentic mark.


The Harvest

An alien invasion has gone wrong that could bring the end of mankind and the invaders by the creatures from a failed experiment. Can the humans and the aliens work together to survive or be devoured by the soulless monsters created?

Sci-fi /Action -Television Episode ( Pilot Script)